Environmental Services

Accurate Environmental Services (AES) provides comprehensive technical services associated with municipal, rural and industrial water and wastewater treatment, solid wastes and biosolids, industrial pretreatment, and environmental site assessments.  Extensive experience and technical expertise allows AES to solve current treatment plant problems while anticipating future issues at the same time.

Benefits of Accurate Environmental Services

As water quality regulations become more stringent, treatment facilities must be able to operate at or near peak efficiency in order to remain in compliance. Sometimes, modifications or upgrades to treatment processes are required. It takes a great deal of valuable time and resources to evaluate current processes, run the necessary tests, and determine the appropriate actions that will be most effective in reducing operating costs and improving plant performance. 

Accurate Environmental Services can help determine the needs of your particular system by conducting plant capacity and performance evaluations, treatability studies, and reviewing plant data. AES also provides regulatory reporting services, such as DMR preparation, as well as correspondence with regulatory agencies. Technical assistance from Accurate Environmental allows you to focus on daily operations while we provide the level of service and support that you and your system need.

Features of Accurate Environmental Services

  • Highly qualified staff with experience in municipal, rural water, and industrial treatment processes
  • Evaluation of compliance with current and proposed rules and regulations
  • Performance and capacity evaluation using plant data
  • NPDES monthly reporting
  • Conduct treatability and pilot plant studies
  • 24-hour on-call technical advice
  • Other environmental services available as needed