Plant Evaluation

Plant Capacity and Process Performance Evaluation 
Accurate Environmental Services can provide the services necessary to determine the capacity and performance of water and wastewater treatment facilities with these steps:

  • Collection of Data
    Basic data:
    • Permit requirements
    • Operating data
    • Type, size, and layout of the system
    • Type of unit operations 
  • Facility Inspection
    On-site visual inspection of the system and its normal operations.
  • Total Plant Evaluation
    Determination of treatment efficiency, capacity, ability to meet requirements, based on operating data and sample analysis, tabulating and graphing results, and applying process design models to compare actual results to expected performance. 
  • Identification of Problems
    Locate and identify problems and provide recommendations for solutions. 
  • Report and Recommendations
    Preparation of a report, complete with information collected, analysis of samples, facility inspections.